lundi 15 septembre 2008

100% aroma, no bubbles

Each season Carrefour Belgium issues a free magazine for her members (holders of a "carte de fidelité") which contains articles about food, fashion and beauty, wellness and living, announcing in each of these categories which new products are on the market. In the foodsection my eye fell on the new Fanta Still. Literally, this Fanta won't say a thing, because it doesn't contain bubbles! Fanta producers promise the Still version is as refreshing as the normal Fanta, with its intense and fruity taste. There are two kinds; exotic and red fruit, available in 1,5L bottles (€ 1,69) or 33 cl cans (€ 0,59).


3 commentaires:

Dr.Gnitekram a dit…

zah!! on va finir par croire que c un blog dedié à Fanta, vivement la gouter miam

Dr.Gnitekram a dit…

honestly coca cola comapny is making a very big copain in uerope but our local one is really doing lill things that we could not even compare to this

Sarrour a dit…

And why do you think that your local compagny doesn't take it to a next level? Lack of money, strategy, people?